Colloque international : « Marx’s achievements as an economist and political philosopher”, 27-29 september 2017, Lyon

HiSoPo vous informe de la tenue du colloque international « Marx’s achievements as an economist and political philosopher » qui aura lieu à Lyon du 27 au 29 septembre 2017. Cet événement est organisé avec l’European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, pour marquer le bicentenaire de la naissance de Karl Marx.

Comité scientifique

François Allisson (Université de Lausanne). Oleg Ananyin (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow). Riccardo Bellofiore (Università di Bergamo). Ivan Boldyrev (Ruhr-Universität Bochum & National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow). Jérôme de Boyer des Roches (Université Paris-Dauphine). Pierre Dockès (Université Lyon 2 & Triangle, Lyon). Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira (Université de Strasbourg). Ragip Ege (Université de Strasbourg). Gilbert Faccarello (Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris). Ludovic Frobert (CNRS). Christian Gehrke (Karl-Franzens Universität & Graz Schumpeter Centre). Rebeca Gomez Betancourt (Université Lyon 2 & Triangle, Lyon). Yinxing Hong (Nanjing University). Masashi Izumo (Kanagawa University, Yokohama). Heinz D. Kurz (Karl-Franzens Universität & Graz Schumpeter Centre). Gary Mongiovi (St. John’s College, New York). Kenji Mori (Tohoku University, Sendai). Wilfried Parys (Universiteit Antwerpen). Fabio Petri (Università di Siena). Jean-Pierre Potier (Université Lyon 2 & Triangle, Lyon). Regina Roth (Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin). Neri Salvadori (Università di Pisa). Anwar Shaikh (New School for Social Research, New York). Claire Silvant (Université Lyon 2 & Triangle, Lyon). Susumu Takenaga (Daito Bunka University, Tokyo). Keith Tribe (Independent Scholar, Malvern). Roberto Veneziani (Queen Mary University of London). Kiichiro Yagi(Setsunan University, Osaka).

Comité d’organisation


2018 marks the year of the bicentenary of Karl Marx’s birth. On this occasion, a conference co-organized by the research centre Triangle and the European Journal of the History of Economic Thought will be held in Lyon to recall Marx’s achievements as an economist and political philosopher.

Was Marx the “odd man out”, a “crank”, whose contribution defies any conventional classification and assessment ? Was he a “minor post Ricardian”, as has been contended ? Was he a genius of political economy, whose statements contain indubitable truths, as some of his followers maintain ? The questions to be dealt with include the following : What is the relationship between Marx’s philosophical training in Hegel and Kant and his political economy ? What is the relationship between his political economy and that of the classical economists ?

To what extent was he aware of the rise of the marginalist doctrine and how did he react to it ? How were his propositions received in the academic and political sphere ? How did his message spread around the world ? What can we learn from him today ? Thanks to the publication of substantial parts of the new MEGA edition, we can now form a much clearer idea of the progress of Marx’s work and the reasons why he did not succeed in completing Das Kapital. Contributions that take into account the MEGA are especially welcome.

All proposals of papers (1,000 words at the most) on all aspects of Marx’s thought and writings will be welcome. They must be sent simultaneously to Rebeca Gomez Betancourt ( and Gilbert Faccarello ( no later than 15 February, 2017. (Full papers are due by 15 July, 2017.)

Authors submitting papers do so on the understanding that papers accepted for the conference are eligible for a special issue of the European Journal of the History of Economic Thought.

A special day for PhD students and young researchers

In supplement and as a prelude to this event, the conference will be preceded by a day of lectures and debates around the work of Karl Marx, in order to introduce the Marx studies to PhD students and young research fellows interested in the topic.

Call for papers on the we site of Triangle :